Conveyor Belt

sample image We are a manufacturer of high performance belt conveyors packed with innovative design features,positively tracked belts, high torque Interroll drum motors and constructed from modular aluminium profiles. Conveyor Belts are widely applicable in bulk material conveying over long distances, and the main users include cement, steel, coal, Lignite, various ores, mining and other industries.
Width Length Piles Cover Thickness
300 mm to 1600mm in steps of 50mm. Open or endless. 3 to 7 Plies. 1mm to 6mm in steps of 0.5mm and above 6mm in steps of 1mm.
Tensile Strength Types of Synthetic Carcass Edges Breaker Ply
200 KN/M to 1600 KN/M. General Duty (GD), Extra Duty (ED) & Heavy Duty (HD). Cut edges or molded. Breaker is provided on face, back and edges as per customer's requirements.
Ply Construction Fabric Cotton/ Cotton fabric Cotton Nylon Fabrics
Belts are manufactured in various constructions like straight ply, stepped ply and reversed stepped ply. Belts are manufactured with varieties of fabrics e.g. cotton/ cotton, cotton/ Nylon and Synthetic fabric like nylon/nylon grade N6 or N66 and polyester/Nylon (EP). The conventional cotton/cotton fabrics used are 25oz, 32oz, 36oz, 42oz & 45oz. The belts with cotton nylon fabrics have higher carrying capacity as they trough more than cotton fabric belts. The cotton nylon fabrics are CN 40, CN 50 CN 60, CN 70, CN 75, CN 90, CN 100, CN 130 & CN 150.
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